About Us

Stokie's have been teaching dance, and running dance events for years. We have an enviable reputation built upon quality events that are music focussed

It is our passion and aim to bring you the highest quality events possible. To this end we regularly work with some of the best DJs and teachers in the UK

Stokie's opened the first weekly Blues classes in Staffordshire, we also ran the first monthly Blues events in the Midlands. Stokie became a regular fixture as a DJ, working at events all over the country, and in Europe

Stokie's also opened the first traditional Argentine tango club in Staffordshire. Bringing weekly classes and monthly traditional milongas to the Midlands at a time when tango was very much still a niche dance

Stokie and his teaching team have taught extensively across the country and across Europe. At weekly classes, workshops, master-classes, one-to-ones, weekenders, and on dance holidays

From running successful classes, freestyles, events, and weekenders to teaching all over Europe, for Stokie's the mantra has never changed - "it's all about the music"

Experience has taught us that high quality events are built on the foundation of fantastic music, imaginatively presented with emotional flow that engenders creativity in the dancers

This year Stokie's offer you the chance to be a part of the next level of evolution as they create their first ever European holiday. We invite you to come and join us, and be a part of something incredible