Tango Stoke: Workshops, Classes, Milongas

Our Monthly
'Milonga to Midnight'

Saturday April 12th
8pm - Midnight

If you haven't experienced a milonga at Tango Stoke yet, this would be a great time to remedy that..

With a warm friendly atmosphere to dance in, and an imaginative blend of traditional music presented in tanda/cortina format, Tango Stoke's monthly social milongas are a way to press the pause button on life and escape for a few hours.

At this milonga there will be a heavy emphasis on traditional music (95%+).
Doors open 8pm
La Cumparsita Midnight
Entry is £8
We are at ST12 9AA

We will also be having our ever popular 'sharing table', there is certainly no obligation, but if you wish to bring along something you've cooked, or a packet of snacky type things it is always greatly appreciated.

There is no licensed bar, but fresh teas and coffee are available. You are also welcome to bring your own drinks, soft or alcoholic.


Biljana Lipic
@ Tango Stoke

We are delighted to announce that we are now hosting regular tango immersion weekends with Biljana Lipic.

We aim to accelerate the growth and standard of tango in the Midlands by working with one of the most respected internatiobnal names in tango, on a regular basis.

Biljana is a dancer, artist, designer, performer, teacher, mentor, shamanic practitioner, director and social entrepreneur.

Insatiably curious, she is always on the move, traversing the borders between the worlds, discovering new perspectives and new layers of meaning in her work and life. Besides learning from life on the go, her own training, formally and vocationally has been in architecture and design, different forms of dance and performance arts; specialising in Argentine Tango. She is also trained in psychology, shamanism, yoga and martial arts. She is an initiate of the Path of Pollen, a less known but well trodden shamanic tradition originating from Eastern Europe.

Widely respected, with over 18 years of experience in the field, she has led Argentine Tango workshops around UK, Europe and the USA. As one of the pioneers of the UK's tango scene, she has had a major influence in establishing and nurturing many of its dance communities, particularly in and around London, Scotland, Devon and Cornwall. She is the founder of Zero Hour, one of the most popular tango venues in London, which together with David Lurie and Osvaldo Miranda she ran for 10 years; later passing it to Carolina Osorio and her team.

Researching and weaving together the creative and spiritual practices has also led Biljana to develop the unique practice of Shamanic Tango, which she has been presenting internationally since 2006 in the form of workshops and retreats.

Her media appearances include: dancing in Evita, True TV's Dance Tips with Aleksei Sayle, BBC's Tango ident, ITN's documentary Tell Tale Signs, as well as coaching for the BBC's dance series Strictly Dance Fever and Alek Keshishian's feature film Love and Other Disasters.

Since 1999 she has had collaborative dance theatre work shown in venues in London and across the UK. Her work was also shown at the Madeira Festival '04 and critically acclaimed as "intimate, intense and most of all artistic... sensual and colorful". One summer she toured the UK's open air festivals with the Wired Aerial Theatre, and more recently her creative projects have taken her into the areas of art film, conceptual and live art.

Presently, she divides her time between the Balkans and the UK... and she likes trees.

Discover more at www.i-m-pulse

We look forward to welcoming you to a whole host of different tango experiences:

We hold regular afternoon workshops with teachers from all over the globe. Full details for these events are announced through our mailing list (you can subscribe by sending us an email here), our Facebook Group and here on our website.

These are social dances. We play a wide mixture of music, around 95% of which will be traditional. Music is presented in the traditional tanda/cortina format.

Our milongas will usually be preceded by an afternoon workshop.

Weekly Classes:
Tango Stoke run weekly Argentine Tango classes in Barlaston on a Tuesday evening. The club is based on the dojo ethos used in many martial arts; we promote group learning in an enquiring environment. We believe that by working together to refine technique, movement and self-awareness we develop the solid foundations needed to become a proficient, musical, Tango dancer.

Full details for these events are announced through our mailing list, you can subscribe by sending us an email, our Facebook Group and here on our website