Tango Stoke: Workshops, Classes, Milongas

Our Monthly
Social Milonga

Friday April 10th
7:30pm - 11:30pm

If you haven't experienced a milonga at Tango Stoke yet, this would be a great time to remedy that..

With a warm friendly atmosphere to dance in, and an imaginative blend of traditional music presented in tanda/cortina format, Tango Stoke's monthly social milongas are a way to press the pause button on life and escape for a few hours.

At this milonga there will be a heavy emphasis on traditional music (95%+).
Doors open 7:30pm
La Cumparsita 11:30pm
Entry is £8
We are at ST12 9AA

We will also be having our ever popular 'sharing table', there is certainly no obligation, but if you wish to bring along something you've cooked, or a packet of snacky type things it is always greatly appreciated.

There is no licensed bar, but fresh teas and coffee are available. You are also welcome to bring your own drinks, soft or alcoholic.


Alternative Tango Evening
Friday April 17th
7:30pm - 11:30pm

Learn the rules...
break the rules!

Learn the rules... break the rules!

Come and be a part of the tango underground at Tango Stoke. We are delighted to invite you for another night of carefree social alternative dancing. The evening consists of two DJs playing a huge variety of non-tango music for you to dance to. There will be music from all sorts of times, places, backgrounds and styles. All of it suitable for carefree social dancing; none of it composed with tango in mind.

There will be no tandas, no cortinas, no traditional tango music, no modern tango music and no cabaceo. Dance with who you like, for as much or as little as you like, eat, drink, laugh, dance and have a good time. What an excellent way to start your weekend!

DJ Stokie - Tango Stoke
DJ Guy - Upton Magna Tango Club

Start Time -7:30pm
End Time - 11:30pm
Entry £7

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We look forward to welcoming you to a whole host of different tango experiences:

We hold regular afternoon workshops with teachers from all over the globe. Full details for these events are announced through our mailing list (you can subscribe by sending us an email here), our Facebook Group and here on our website.

These are social dances. We play a wide mixture of music, around 95% of which will be traditional. Music is presented in the traditional tanda/cortina format.

Our milongas will usually be preceded by an afternoon workshop.

Weekly Classes:
Tango Stoke run weekly Argentine Tango classes in Barlaston on a Tuesday evening. The club is based on the dojo ethos used in many martial arts; we promote group learning in an enquiring environment. We believe that by working together to refine technique, movement and self-awareness we develop the solid foundations needed to become a proficient, musical, Tango dancer.

Full details for these events are announced through our mailing list, you can subscribe by sending us an email, our Facebook Group and here on our website